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**Disclaimer: this is an unofficial copy of the blockchain provided by a community member as there is no official database source. This is not officially endorsed by Space Pool or the Chia team.
It is now required for you to donate to my PayPal in order for you to be taken to the download page

I can only assure you that this database is my own working backup and that it has helped thousands of others.
However If you don't trust my download source You can just ignore it.

The provided database files are updated roughly every 12 hours and now require a donation in order to access them. This donation is to help offset the cost of web hosting.

If you are a new farmer and run full node for the first time, you can either sync the entire blockchain from scratch (Time consuming), or you can download a copy of the blockchain (Less time consuming).

If you're an old farmer with database corruption issues you may also choose to sync from scratch or download a copy of the blockchain.

A corrupt database is a database that has lost some of its data or functionality.
The corruption may be the result of several factors, to include:
 - Power outages.
 - Interruptions or crashes during the writing of data.
 - Poor structuring of the software that interfaces with the database.
 - etc.

Given the listed above, it is necessary to delete the corrupted database and restart the sync from scratch. It may take several days for the database to be synced up to date.
The provided solution that will shorten that time is to use the backed up database file that is provided after a donation is made.

How to Install Chia Database.

1. Make sure you stop all Chia processes running with: chia stop all -d

2. Download the blockchain database on the web page presented to you after donating"

3. Extract "chiablockchain_v2.rar" using winrar on Windows or unrar-nonfree on Linux / Mac (7zip has been known to cause problems)

4. Copy the extracted "blockchain_v2_mainnet.sqlite" file to the following folder
  Microsoft Windows: "C:\Users\%username%\.chia\mainnet\db"
  Mac OS or Linux : "~/.chia/mainnet/db/"

5. Start the Chia app again, and be prepared to give it 25 to 45 minutes to start up for the 1st time...

It can take several days to sync up from scratch.

That is why I thought it would be helpful for the masses to have a download source. So, I decided to spin up: and provide this service. I now have to pay for hosting and require a donation to offset that cost.